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A L E X  D E V O L 

Wood Woven Alex believes in a simple, honest approach to to design where aesthetics and utility are intrinsic. There is a distinct and individual quality in well made, slow made, and hand made things which begins with the story of their making and continues on with each use. 


IMG_8075 copy 4.jpg

A D R I E N N E  F I S H E R

Meraki Nomad Adrienne has a deep appreciation for the sacred arts -- objects created with meaning, with soul, and with passion. Meraki Nomad is a marketplace dedicated to the native traditions of handmade objects and the sacredness behind them. Each Meraki Nomad piece has a story, an intention, a soul. 


C A R O L I N E  H U R L E Y

Caroline Z Hurley is a designer and painter who believes that our homes should be sources of comfort and creativity—a beautiful home is essential to human happiness. Each of her collections is based on a unique place where she immerses herself in the textures, colors, and culture of each place then returns to her Brooklyn, New York studio to design her cozy, modern collections.

I V Y  W E I N G L A S S

IIIVVVYYY is a Brooklyn based maker and creator. Her ceramic line was created out of a selfish need for a place to put all the incense she burns constantly and grew from there. Everything she makes feels so a part of her that she has trouble selling it sometimes. Each piece is hand made, making them all slightly different and unique, and the inspirations range from the eroded sandstone canyons to a picture of the universe through the Hubble telescope.

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M I C H A E L A  C A R P E N T E R  

Sabi Michaela is the Founder and Creative Director at Maker and Place. Her home textile line, Embedded by Sabi, is at the heart of the Maker and Place values. By understanding our consumption choices, moving away from mass production and building relationships with the craftsmen behind our "stuff," we begin to have an even greater connection to the objects around us. 

A L E X A N D R A  E L M A N  

x T R A N  W I L L S

x  S A R A H  S I M O N

Base XX Coat is a non-toxic, vegan friendly and nourishing nail product line. This trio has also opened 2 nail salons in Denver and DTLA.


L I N D A  A L D R E D G E

Lulu Organics Linda or "Lulu" studied herbalism as a hobby and for fun foraged edible and medicinal herbs on her land in upstate NY.  She would boil them down into herbal medicines and beauty products which inspired her to start her company  — she wanted simple, pared-down products with food-grade ingredients and no preservatives — much less chemicals she couldn't decipher (or pronounce). Thus, Lulu Organics was born!

A L I C I A  A N N  T U R N E R

Alicia Ann Ceramics Alicia's work is inspired by her fascination for nature, science and the beauty of the human body. Her design process is to take a whimsical and mystical idea and turn it into a piece of practical art. She prides herself in creating beautiful finished products with just a little bit of creepy surealism to her designs.


C R I S E L L  S O T A L B O

bon sinew Crisell is the designer and maker of bon sinew, based in Toronto. She is deeply influenced by the natural world and her inspiration comes from landscapes and sacred cultural artefacts. Her interest lies in combining creative exploration and hands-on craftsmanship to create handcrafted wooden objects, made with intention.

mary grisey.jpeg

M A R Y  G R I S E Y 

Mary Grisey Mary is a Los Angeles-based artist and jewelry designer. Her handwoven jewelry line explores ancient techniques such as weaving, braiding and natural dyeing. She is interested in the energetic presence that jewelry possesses—it can give the wearer freedom, expression and power. Cloth has the ability to tell stories, hold memory and history. Mary’s collection strives to expand on this learned craft, but also blur the boundaries of traditional weaving. 


J O N T Y  H A M P S O N

Hampson Wood Jonty Hampson and his dog Batman are the team behind Hampson Woods, a London and Cumbria based woodworking studio creating handmade cutting boards. His primary focus is creating an ethically sound supply chain by sourcing their wood from fallen trees around the London area and other parts of the UK. Each piece is hand crafted and unique, and made in celebration of quality and finish.   

A N D R E W  D E M I N G  AND              R A C H E L  G A N T

YIELD lives at the intersection of functionality and elegance, of high-end design and accessibility. Ranging from furniture to jewelry, YIELD's broad product line is designed by founders Rachel Gant and Andrew Deming. The line is unified through an uncompromising approach to craft, thoughtful production, and a design language that is at once distinctive, understated, and liveable.


G I T T I T  S Z W A R C

Knobbly Studio As a former martial arts teacher, Gittit creates jewels with the three dimensional, alive and moving human body in mind. A meeting on Instagram with French tattoo artist Laurie Franck sparked an ongoing collaboration based on Laurie's abstract and deconstructed nude forms.

R U K A  K I K U C H I 

Lue Brass


J U S T I N E  A S H B E E 

Native Line is a mesmerizing collection of geometric  lines, shimmering metals, and new animistic forms in woven precious metals, golds, and silvers.  All pieces are handwoven on a loom, using a four shaft weaving process.  Each wall hanging has slight variations, which makes each of them a work of art.  Inspired by the timeless motifs of indigenous woven craft work, Justine Ashbee combines geometric lines with shimmering metals to create luminary pieces of woven art.

S A R A H  H A R T

ALMA Chocolate


A M Y  C O O P E R  W R I G H T 

Mark + Fold

Linda Aldridge.jpeg

A S H L E Y  S P I E R E R 

Daughter of the Land Drawing on the inherent nourishing properties of natural ingredients, Daughter of the Land is defined by authenticity, purpose and purity.  We’ve crafted oils that take care of your skincare needs in a single bottle. Crafted from organic and fair trade ingredients we believe that you can care for your skin, while also taking care of our environment and the communities surrounding us.