The brain-child of a taste-making mother and daughter team that is creating a movement in the way Aspenites and discerning individuals from across the world shop - celebrating the art of craftsmanship and making purchases with intention. 

Images from The Scout Guide Aspen

Images from The Scout Guide Aspen


Michaela Carpenter is the designer-entrepreneur and the founder of Maker. Having grown up between New York City and Aspen, and traveling extensively in Asia, she quickly cultivated a high taste level and love for design. Michaela attended Savannah College of Art and Design and graduated with a BA in Textile Design with High Honors from Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, UK.

Michaela is the former founder and editor of London-based Feral Magazine, a printed study of the modern day artist. She has participated and led many exhibitions featuring contemporary craft for organizations such as Sotheby’s International Auction House. Michaela is currently the leading retail partner for Aspen’s upcoming Bauhaus 100: Aspen celebration, a collaboration which includes the Aspen Art Museum, the Aspen Institute and a host of other organizations.

Her analytical creativity is the driving force behind Maker, a brand that combines a complex network of global craftsmen and a humble appreciation for beauty. She currently lives and works in Aspen, operating the shop alongside her mother, husband, and dog Hoxton. She was recently selected as one of 12 most influential people in Aspen by the St. Regis Hotel.


Carpenter Olson is a lifelong entrepreneur, pioneering iconic brands, media innovations, and forms of community. Trained in marketing and branding at American Express, she created a television and video division for Time Warner and built a retailing cable network with Barry Diller for high-end brands such as Nike and Gucci. Candice is the recipient of an Emmy for prime time television. She also received a Matrix Award, the most acclaimed peer award in marketing, for creating iVillage. This network, that pioneered online community and design, serves 30 million women a month. Candice led their successful IPO in partnership with Goldman Sachs.

She later built a global education company with her husband that combined coaching and media to train both Ivy League college students and young women in Saudi Arabia to enter the workforce.

Her passion for shaping young people continued as a founding board member of a leading charter school network in the United States. The network serves over 1,200 students today. After four decades in New York City, Candice moved to Aspen to build businesses with her daughter Michaela, who is one of her very favorite people.