Hangai Mountain Textiles cashmere collection designed by MAKER for Bauhaus Centennial


The Bauhaus Centennial Cashmere Collection was inspired by the weaving studio based at the Staatliches Bauhaus, a German school of design. The work done there was the building of a foundation for our contemporary textile industry, bringing textiles out of the home, and into the world of design. MAKER was graciously able to partner with HANGAI MOUNTAIN TEXTILES for the production of these limited edition blankets. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 5.40.50 PM.png

Hangai Mountain Textiles is a family-owned and run business that produces unique blankets, throws and accessories from rare yak down, pure cashmere and baby camel in Mongolia.   

Based in Basalt, CO the company was founded by Bill and Betina Infante  approximately two years ago in Ulaanbaatar after living in Mongolia for close to a decade. 

The pair are passionate about their materials being sourced exclusively in Mongolia, which ensures that the herder families, knitters and weavers with whom they partner benefit most.