Moena 12|69 Unisex Fragrance

Moena 12|69 Unisex Fragrance


Tambopata Province, Peru

Extrait de Parfum. 50ml 1.69 fl oz

Limited Edition: 300 bottles. Customers of this edition will be exclusively invited to reorder this fragrance in the future.

A riot of plants sweating in the morning sun. The scent of young ginger sweeping through the green canopy. Brewed tea and fresh tobacco leaves. An oncoming thunderstorm and the purifying crispness that follows.

Wild Peruvian Moena
Soaked Moss
Golden Ginger
Brewed Tea & Tobacco Leaves
Redolent Woods

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Heather D’Angelo is a San Francisco-based perfumer, musician (with the band Au Revoir Simone), and ecologist. The dream for Carta originated while she was collecting botanical samples from the Malaysian rainforest as part of her research at Columbia University. After several years of working with plant-based aromatic compounds, she developed an understanding that scent, like music, is a transformative instrument. Both have the arcane power to suspend moments and places in time.

With Carta, D’Angelo explores the artistry of perfume craft through her mastery of musical composition and ongoing scientific inquiry. Rooted in her passion for environmental conservation, D’Angelo’s romance with perfume is shaped and driven by a commitment to conscious practices and a desire to share the stories behind Carta’s ingredients.